AboutPeople blog for all sorts of reasons. Some want to express opinions, others want to share their experiences, some want to build connections, others want to make a name for themselves. Health professionals, researchers and students in the scientific and healthcare communities rely on ovid for the information they need to explore a new theory, fuel a new discovery, inform ongoing research, and improve patient care. Our idea is to basically conduct comprehensive medication reviews, including expanding and renovating scientific knowledge.

Health Science and Technology is a multidisciplinary field. It actively combines bio-medical, psycho-social, organizational and societal aspects of health, disease and health care. In addition, it focuses on the design and evaluation of medical-technological, behavioural and organizational interventions as well as the application of that knowledge to improve health and patient centered health care, and to ultimately improve the quality of life.

There are, as we have seen, a number of different modes of scientific and technological innovation. Before the seventeenth century inventions (empirical or scientific) were diffused by imitation and adaption while improvement was established by the survival of the fittest. Now, science and technology has become a complex but consciously directed group of social activities involving a wide range of skills, exemplified by scientific research, managerial expertise, and practical and inventive abilities. Application of organized knowledge and skills in the form of devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures and systems developed to solve health problems and improve quality of lives. The powers of science and technology appear to be unlimited. If some of the dangers may be great, the potential rewards are still greater.