Blood Test That Can Help Predict Lifespan

Blood Test That Can Help Predict Lifespan

Scientists at Boston University have discovered a blood test that predicts how long you will live.

The researchers generated different predictive biomarker signatures. Study finds that certain “biomarker signatures” in the blood can signal people’s risk of later developing some age-related health conditions.

The breakthrough means patients will be able to identify realistic health risks early on and crucially modify behaviour to change the outcome.

Two lead authors of the study, Professors Dr. Thomas Perls and Dr. Paola Sebastiani, shared insights into the groundbreaking developments in hematology (or the study of the blood).

“These signatures depict differences in how people age and they show promise in predicting healthy aging, changes in cognitive and physical function, survival and age-related diseases like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

“It sets the stage for a molecular-based definition of aging that leverages information from multiple circulating biomarkers to generate signatures associated with different mortality and morbidity risk.”

The researchers noted that more studies on larger groups of people are still needed to further confirm the results. In addition, many more biomarkers could also play a role in the signature, and including them could perhaps lead to “even more powerful results,” they wrote.

The results of the study appear in the journal Aging Cell.

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