Cell-Phone Radiation Causes Cancer

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People are being warned to keep their cell-phone at a distance to reduce radiation exposure and associated health risks, particularly while sleeping.

Research has suggested that our frequent and close-range exposure to cell-phone means it could be enough to put us at risk.

It is because of the radiofrequency (RF) energy that mobile phones use to transmit information.

The warning comes after mounting evidence that mobile phone use could be linked to a string of health concerns including cancer, poor mental health and reproductive issues.

The California Department of Public Health released new guidelines with suggestions about how to lower exposure to cell-phone radiation.

The guidelines suggest “keeping the phone away from the body,” “reducing the use of cell phones to stream audio or video, or to download or upload large files,” and “keeping the phone away from the bed at night.

Previous studies have shown evidence that mobile phone exposure may cause tumors in the brain or ears, while psychologists have warned it could also be linked to poor mental health, attention and sleep in teenagers.

Other worrying research has shown strong links between RF and male sperm counts and sperm quality.

The guidelines also state that the irregular nature of phone signals could be to blame for these biological effects and warns against close contact when phones have two or fewer bars of signal when moving in a car, or if you’re trying to receive or send large quantities of data.

While research has been unable to definitively prove that mobile phone use is dangerous, there are enough studies linking the two to warrant caution, especially among children.

It could be noted that while radiation from phones could cause harm, it does not classify as “ionizing” radiation, which has the power to damage your DNA and can lead to cancer. Phones emit a much lower energy radiation which is considered to be “non-ionizing.”

However, whether it could still react with the body in some other way that might lead to problems from long-term exposure is a question that remains unanswered.

Nevertheless, asserting caution can do no harm and hence, must be done when required. As they say, prevention is indeed better than cure.

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