Implantable Artificial Kidney To Hit Market Soon

Implantable Artificial Kidney To Hit Market Soon

An implantable artificial kidney could transform prospects for people whose kidneys have failed and who have to rely on dialysis or the rare chance of a transplant to stay alive.

Many patients with chronic kidney problems who are taking dialysis continuously would soon be relieved when a fist-sized artificial kidney will be available in the market before the end of this decade.

The device can be implanted in the abdomen and will be powered by the heart, it is designed to filter the blood and perform other kidney functions.

Artificial kidney has a membrane that filters the blood and a bio-reactor comprising living kidney cells that are exposed to the blood during dialysis

Dr. Shuvo Roy, co-inventor of the device and researcher of University of California San Francisco told that the device engineered in America has to undergo a series of safety and efficacy trials on many patients before it gets approval.

This artificial kidney will help in producing hormones and control blood pressure.”It performs the job of a kidney more holistically than just conventional dialysis,” he said.

Researchers working on the first-of-its-kind device that aims to meet this need says they are hopeful of running pilot trials in coming years.

Although Roy wasn’t able to give patients a ballpark figure on cost, he said it will be much less than regular dialysis and transplant.

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