Is Sugar Found In Fruits Bad For The Health?

Is Sugar Found In Fruits Bad For The Health?

Excess of anything is bad! Consuming too much may affect vascular and metabolic function. That’s what researchers found when they investigated the effects of two types of sugar (the glucose and the fructose) on metabolic and vascular function.

In the study, female rats were given a liquid form of fructose, a sugar that found in fruit juices and fruits and glucose, a sugar found in the body right after the carbohydrates were broken down, these two were given to their solid food and normal diet.

For about eight weeks, the solution was continuously given to the female rats about 20% weight per volume. The eight weeks were equivalent to six years wherein humans regularly taking large amounts of sugar. The sugar-fed rats were further compared to a control group that plainly received water to their food supply.

The researchers found that both sugar-supplemented rats gained weight due to increase calorie intake compared to the control group. The glucose-supplemented rats measured higher calorie intake versus the fructose-supplemented rats but the fructose-supplemented rats had the most significant increase in final body weight.

The findings indicated that in addition to higher weight gain, the fructose group showed more markers of vascular disease and liver damage, than the glucose group. Researchers found that the type of sugar not just the amount of calories affect the risk for metabo-vascular diseases.

The fructose-supplement rats had increased risk for fatty liver and cardiovascular disease due to increased plasma triglycerides level. The decreased expression of carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1A (CPT1A) could lead to increase risks for a serious liver disorder.

On the other hand, the glucose-supplemented rats had increased risk for insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes. This group of rats was also prone to metabolic disorders like diabetes, obesity and hyperlipidemia.

The study concluded that the type of sugar has a great impact and has a significant role in the increased risk of acquiring heart disease, chronic, and diabetes. The amount of calories consumed is not the only factor affecting in long-term health risks.

The study was published in the American Journal of Physiology – Heart and Circulatory Physiology.

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