Newly Developed Silk Implant Can Restore Hearing

Newly Developed Silk Implant Can Restore Hearing

Researchers have developed silk implant that can heal a person’s damaged eardrum to help restore their hearing.

The implant is said to aid the Chronic Middle Ear Disease and the resultant perforated ear drum or more commonly known as the “burst eardrums”.

This new device, known as the ClearDrum, is said to provide immense relief. The ClearDrum is a bio-compatible silk implant that can repair a perforated eardrum in one procedure.

Standard hearing aids work by amplifying sounds and sending them into the inner ear, to the cochlea, a tiny, shell-like structure that relays sound waves to the auditory (hearing) nerve.

The team, led by Marcus Atlas from Ear Science Institute Australia, has created a tiny bio-compatible silk implant on which the patient’s own cells grow and flourish resulting in a healed eardrum.

Tested over numerous years in exhaustive set ups, scientists claim that the implant can perform even better than a person’s original eardrum.

The current surgical procedures used for repairing perforated eardrums involves making grafts from the patient’s own tissues and using specialised and delicate microsurgery techniques and applying them to the eardrum to close the hole.

The patient is quite often required to return to surgery for further procedures due to limitations of the current methods.

The new process is expected to be less expensive, less invasive and promising quicker healing of the ear drum.

Additional research is now needed before the therapy can be tested on human patients.

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  1. a super discovery and contribution towards persons left out in society due to inability to hear

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