Trying One Cigarette May Lead To Daily Habit Of Smoking, Study Warns

Trying One Cigarette May Lead To Daily Habit Of Smoking, Study Warns

A recent survey revealed that more than two-thirds of people from the developed nations went on to become daily smokers if they tried a cigarette.

Data from the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand found 60.3% of people had tried smoking and an estimated 68.9% of those progressed to a daily habit.

While, concerns were expressed that e-cigarettes could be as addictive as conventional cigarettes, but this has not been the case, the study stated.

The study authors said that this means cigarettes have a “remarkable hold” even after just one experience, and added that this confirmed the importance of stopping people from experimenting with tobacco products.

The analysis was based on the answers of 215,000 respondents to eight surveys from 2000 to 2016 kept in the Global Health Data Exchange.

Peter Hajek, the lead author from the Queen Mary University of London, said that this is the first time a link has been established using such large data between first trying a cigarette and becoming a regular smoker.

He said, we’ve found that the conversion rate from the first-time smoker to a daily smoker is surprisingly high, which helps confirm the importance of preventing cigarette experimentation in the first place.

While there are some opinions regarding the outcome of the study, even the authors agree that on some points the research has some limitations. Surveys rely on participants’ accurate memory and testimony.

The dramatic shift from one-time smoking to a daily habit added to the evidence of the dangers of cigarette addiction and the researchers believe their information could help in creating guidelines to prevent teens from even trying out cigarettes for fun.

The best way to avoid a smoking addiction is to not experiment with cigarettes. We should educate people about the risks and support them to quit for good. The study was published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

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