Type 3c Diabetes: A Third Type Of Diabetes Mellitus

'Type 3c' Diabetes: A Third Type Of Diabetes Mellitus

Few people know there is a third type of diabetes, it’s not as prevalent as Type 2 in adults, but new research leaves scientists to believe that it is more common than previously thought.

According to British researchers, there is a third kind of diabetes, termed as type 3c diabetes mellitus. Excessive thirst is a sign of the condition.

The third kind of diabetes doesn’t get much mentioned, lost in the shadows of the more popular Type 1 and Type 2.

The health of people with diabetes is being put at risk due to the failure of doctors to recognize which type of diabetes they have.

Misdiagnosis, therefore, can waste time and money attempting ineffective treatments while exposing the patient to high blood sugar levels.

Researchers have recently become concerned that type 3c diabetes might be much more common than previously thought, with many cases not correctly diagnosed.

Type 3c diabetes, which occurs after a trauma to the pancreas, requires a stronger medical intervention than Type 2, making a misdiagnosis particularly dangerous.

This stops the pancreas from producing insulin and also producing proteins needed to digest food and other hormones.

Type 1 and 2 are the commonly diagnosed forms of diabetes. Gestational diabetes is another type associated with pregnancy wherein a woman’s blood sugar level sees a significant spike.

Senior author Professor Simon de Lusignan said: ‘Greater awareness of Type 3c diabetes within the medical profession is required immediately to improve management of this disease, which now has a higher incidence than Type 1 diabetes in adults.’

Those with Type 3c diabetes need insulin as well as supplemental enzymes to assist with food digestion. Type 3 could present as late as ten years after the initial damage to the pancreas was done.

Type 3c diabetes has also been described as Pancreatogenic diabetes. The study was published in the scientific journal Diabetes Care.

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