World Kidney Day: Know About Challenges And Prevention

World Kidney Day: Know About Challenges And PreventionImage used is for illustration purpose only

World Kidney Day is celebrated annually throughout the world on the second Thursday of March. The objective of the day is to not just spread awareness about kidney diseases and its cure, but also spread message at a global level on how kidney diseases can be prevented.

The blood filtration is carried out by the kidneys with the help of millions of tiny filters called nephrons, which stop functioning once they get damaged. When the functioning of these tiny filters drops to a certain extent, the kidney stops functioning, leading to its failure.

Due to the lack of accurate national data collection, the incidence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in India is not clear but studies estimate that the number of new patients diagnosed with End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) who are started on dialysis or transplantation is over 100,000 per year.

This number likely grossly underestimates the true burden of kidney disease in our country given the inequality in access to health care between urban and rural populations and due to disparities in wealth and literacy.

Get your urine tested for a protein called albumin. Finding this protein in your urine points at your kidney not filtering blood properly. It can be a sign of early kidney disease, if the protein traces are detected in your urine and raised level of creatinine is found in blood.

The most common causes of kidney disease in India in both men and women are diabetes and hypertension. To keep kidney diseases at bay keep following in check: blood pressure, diabetes, family history of kidney disease, obesity and smoking.

Make sure that you follow a diet that doesn’t include excess salt, sugar or cholesterol-rich foods as these will lead to high blood pressure and affect your kidneys. Try losing extra pounds to lower your chances of becoming prone to kidney diseases.

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